Brief Outline of the Tournament

JSKA Tournament Rules - Download PDF by clicking HERE

Enrty Form (hard copy) - Download PDF by clicking HERE


  • Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
  • Flags will be used in elimination rounds with score cards used in the final. The top 4 competitors will go through to the final.
  • Competitors may choose their own kata in all rounds but must not repeat a kata from an earlier round.
  • All of the standard 26 Shotokan kata plus Taikyoku Shodan (Kihon Kata) may be used.
    • Kumite

      • IPPON kumite will be judged using the standard JSKA shobu ippon rules. SANBON kumite will be judged using WUKF rules. There will be no contact allowed to the face, head or neck for competitors in event number 8 & 9. Controlled attacks to the face head and neck will be allowed in all other events.
      • Each fight will last for 2 minutes. If in the event of a draw a 1-minute extension will be held (encho-sen), if at the end of the extension the competitors are still drawing, 1 minute ‘sakadori-ippon’ (sudden death / first to score) will be used. If they are still drawing hantei (judges’ decision) will decide the winner.
      • All competitors must wear approved karate hand pads (THESE MUST BE WHITE, LIGHT WEIGHT LEATHER / PVC and styled such that the FINGERS MUST NOT BE COVERED. A gum shield must be worn in all kumite events. Glasses must not be worn during kumite. Groin guards are advised for males and chest protectors for females in kumite.
      • Trophies / medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
        • General

          • Competitors must wear a clean white Gi with no turned up sleeves or trousers. Long hair must be tied back (males included). Jewellery must be removed.
          • A high standard of behaviour is expected from competitors, coaches and spectators. Only one coach per club is allowed at the tatami edge.
          • ANY BEHAVIOUR from, Spectators, Coaches or competitors that is deemed by the referee(s) to bring karate into disrepute will result in penalties being imposed on those responsible.
          • The organisers welcome any dan grade of any dojo (must be 16 years and over) to take part in refereeing at the tournament. Each area and the referees in each area will be overseen by an internationally qualified referee.
          • Parents are expected to keep young children (spectators) under control at all times.
          • A valid licence / insurance is required to compete and a check will be made on the day.

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